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Preventive Care

What is "Health Centered Dentistry"?

There is a large percentage of our population who desires an approach to dentistry that is gentler and more preventive in nature than standard conventional methods. Preventing dental decay and gum disease with conservative measures is very straight forward but requires a completely different philosophy from the dentist and dental team members.

There is no question that the health of the mouth has an effect on your overall health. There is new research coming out almost daily making very strong connections between oral health and heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and many other inflammatory based diseases. With this in mind, you will find many aspects of our practice to be focused on how we can improve your dental and overall health. We may recommend more conservative approaches such as minimally invasive dentistry and in our hygiene program we emphasize the need for a healthy balanced bacterial population. We will outline a personalized program for you to achieve our common goals.

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