Preventive Care

What is "Health Centered Dentistry"?

There is a large percentage of our population who desires an approach to dentistry that is gentler and more preventive in nature than standard conventional methods. Preventing dental decay and gum disease with conservative measures is very straight forward but requires a completely different philosophy from the dentist and dental team members.

There is no question that the health of the mouth has an effect on your overall health. There is new research coming out almost daily making very strong connections between oral health and heart disease, diabetes, dementia, and many other inflammatory based diseases. With this in mind, you will find many aspects of our practice to be focused on how we can improve your dental and overall health. We may recommend more conservative approaches such as minimally invasive dentistry and in our hygiene program we emphasize the need for a healthy balanced bacterial population. We will outline a personalized program for you to achieve our common goals.

















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If you’re looking for a holistic dentist, Midway Family Dental and Rachel Riley DMD  can help. We understand your concerns about the dental materials used to restore your teeth. And the proper disinfection protocols needed for safe dentistry including ozone therapy. Our goal is to help you achieve and sustain good oral health that supports your overall health.

Holistic Dentistry Practices

We use biocompatible materials as a healthy and aesthetic solution to restore teeth. We ensure restorations are correctly placed, bonded, and sealed to prevent leakage and decay. If you have allergies, metal sensitivities, or an autoimmune disorder, you can be confident that we use materials to support your overall health.


Amalgam fillings contain copper, mercury, silver, tin, and zinc. Although they are often referred to as silver fillings, they contain more mercury than silver—about 50%. Some studies show that chewing causes mercury vapor to be released from amalgam fillings. And that raises health concerns for many people.

Midway Family Dental and Rachel Riley DMD protect teeth from decay with porcelain materials or white composite fillings. Composite fillings have several advantages over amalgam fillings:

We use exclusively BPA Free composite fillings.

They are mercury-free.

  • While preparing a tooth for a filling, less removal of your healthy tooth structure is required.

  • They bond to your teeth and strengthen them.


If you have old amalgam fillings that need to be replaced, we use the SMART amalgam filling protocol. Visit our web page for videos on SMART amalgam filling removal. removal.

  • Isolate the affected tooth

  • Divide the filling into chunks

  • Vacuum out the chunks and particles at high speed

  • Rinse and clean your mouth with a liquid that binds to mercury

Metal-Free Crowns and Bridges


eMax crowns are made of lithium disilicate—a highly esthetic, high-strength material. Its characteristics include:

  • Extremely strong glass-ceramic

  • Can be manipulated to produce highly esthetic results

  • Provides excellent color, luster, and translucence


Zirconia (zirconium dioxide) is sometimes referred to as ceramic steel because it’s exceptionally strong. Some characteristics of zirconia restorations include:

  • Virtually no risk of an allergic reaction

  • Won’t show a dark line at your gumline, as porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns will

  • Color and translucency similar to natural teeth

  • Strong enough to be used in a dental bridge for posterior teeth, instead of a commonly used metal foundation

Interested in Holistic Dentistry?

Rachel Riley DMD, holistic dentist in KY,  will be happy to speak with you regarding your oral health concerns and the ways they help you maintain a healthy smile. Call us to schedule an appointment,

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