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COVID-19 Patient Protection Plan

When it comes to patient safety during this challenging time, we have created a patient protection plan that exceeds both State and CDC standards.


1. Patient Screening:

 We have a text message screening form that is filled out prior to appointments. You will be called from your car to the appointment to achieve social distancing. Your temperature will be taken. Hand sanitizer and ozonated water rinse will be provided pre-treatment. We are providing a paperless registration process.

2. Water:

Our dental units utilize ozonated water. This is the highest standard of water safety and provides water free from bacteria, viruses, and chemicals.


3. Air Filtration:

We utilize a point of care air filtration system to eliminate aerosol risk during the dental appointment. We use an advanced system called DentAirVac.


4. PPE:

Our PPE includes surgical masks, face shields, surgical caps, and gowns.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask.

Dr. Riley and the Midway Family Dental Team

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