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BPA Free Fillings

What is a BPA Free Filling

With our patients' health our primary concern, we take the time to educate everyone as to our procedures and protocols. Most dental practices have moved away from silver mercury fillings for obvious toxicity concerns and gone to what are called white composite fillings. But not all white fillings are the same.

There is an emerging concern over some of the chemicals used in the most common white composite fillings placed in most dental practices. Fillings made with what is called BisGMA may contain Bisphenol A. There is growing speculation over potential estrogen-mimicking effects of plastic chemicals like Bisphenol A. The materials that we use do not contain Bisphenol A or B and because this material uses less resin, it tests very high for biocompatibility. 

We are happy to discuss with you this and the many small details that define what we call "Health Centered Dentistry."  We offer free consultations and look forward to working on a personalized program for you to achieve our common goals.




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