Ozone Therapy

What is "Ozone Therapy"?

Ozone has been used successfully for the treatment of various diseases for decades. It is only recently that is has drawn a significant amount of attention in dentistry. 

Ozone is a natural gaseous molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. It has strong antimicrobial properties that make it ideal for a variety of uses in dentistry. It is administered as a gas, dissolved in water, or dissolved in oils. The main applications in dentistry are as follows:


  • Dental Decay    -  Ozone can arrest and reverse cavities in their earliest stages. 

  • Sensitive Teeth -  Ozone application has been found to be effective in reducing root sensitivity.

  • Gum Disease    -  Because of its strong antimicrobial effect, Ozone is very effective in treating gum disease

  • Oral Lesions      -  Lesions such as aphthous ulcers and oral herpes can be effectively treated with Ozone.

  • Oral Surgery      - Ozone enhances wound healing and can be used in a variety of ways in oral surgery.

  • Root Canals       - Can be used as a very effective disinfectant during root canal procedures.

  • Dentures            -  A very effective denture cleaner.  

Ozone is an ideal therapy to be considered along side traditional dental procedures because it is minimally invasive, atraumatic, painless, and greatly enhances outcomes.

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