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When Are Dentures Needed?

Should you need all of your teeth replaced, dentures have traditionally been the only option.  Today, there are a variety of considerations to be made if you have an existing denture, or if you are a new candidate for a denture.


Most of the conversation revolves around the lower denture. Because of the positioning of the tongue and the inability of the lower jaw to "retain" a denture in a stable fashion, several strategies to improve the comfort and function of the lower denture will be presented. If you are having teeth extracted, it is a good idea to consider a bone graft being placed at the time of surgery that preserves the jawbone as much as possible. If you have an existing denture, It might be as simple as using a lining material in the lower denture that provides maximum comfort.


We may also have a discussion on dental implants where the lower denture is actually fixed in place with the assistance of implants.  The good news is that there are options available to improve what has been in the past a very frustrating situation for many patients. 

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